Apie mus

Refitas UAB carries out defect identification of motorised railways vehicles, technical service / maintenance works, overhaul and routine repairs and many other kinds of services in accordance with all the quality management requirements ISO 9001:2001. The Railway Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania awarded the company with the railway rolling stock repair certificates, which give the company rights to carry out all sorts (technical maintenance, routine and overhaul) of repair works.

Modern technical base, high personnel qualification, optimized preparatory and repair work process, self-organisation and preparation in advance enables the possibility to carry out up to 70% of all the works even before arriving to the customer. We perform the defect identification, technical maintenance and (or) routine repairs at the time which is convenient to out client and according to his requests.

The repairs base is situated at strategically convenient place in Vilnius at the crossroads of important Lithuanian highways and railways that connects the company to the major Lithuanian towns. Here we perform large-scope repairs.

The repairs base is designed for the repairs of shunting locomotives and railway repair vehicles. All the equipment help also serves this purpose. Here we perform repair works on shifting locomotives of different modification and railway vehicles from various kind of work and master the most up-to-date modernization technologies. In the upcoming days Refitas UAB in preparing to present the clients with cost-effective modernization and remotorization projects.

We have established mobile workshops to suit the need of out clients. There workshops are designed for technical maintenance and other simple repairs, which require quick reaction and mobility, Before setting off towards the repair object, the mobile workshops are fit with the welding, turning, abrasion, boring, cutting and all the other necessary equipment. Having acquired these mobile workshops we are able to carry out the repairs especially quickly.

We aim to work responsibly and give the best quality. Therefore, the company has installed a quality management system in accordance with the management standard ISO 9001. In 2008 we were awarded an international certificate which proves that the installed quality management system corresponds with the standard requirements of LST EN ISO 9001:2001. As we work and take into consideration the requirements of this standard, we can assure qualitative processes and obvious distribution of jobs, responsibilities and duties. When installing the quality management system, we applied optimal activity performance processes which ensure effective management and small company count costs, as well as quick and qualitative project competition for probably smallest prices in Lithuania.

The company certificates give the right to perform railway rolling stock technical maintenance and repairs to the following railway rolling stocks:

Shinting locomotives TEM-2 and TEM-2U, as well as TGK-2, TGM-23 and TGM-23B, TGM-4, TGM-4A, TGM-4B, TGM-40, TGM-6, TGM-6A.

Special rolling stocks – auto railcars AS-1A, AGV, ADM; auto railcars DGKu, AGMu, AGMS, WM-15S, WM-15S12, WM-15A; diesel locomotives MPT-4, MPT-6.